How to choose a good fabric for baby bedding

The fabric is a very important moment for baby bedding. There are high demands on materials for sewing such linen, but their choice is so great that it can even confuse mum with experience.

What fabric to choose for baby bedding

When deciding which fabric to choose for baby bedding, parents should pay attention to the following properties of matter:


environmental friendliness;





easy care.

Beautiful fabric for baby bedding

Cotton is used more often than other materials for sewing children’s sets. This is the best choice of fabric for newborns. Cotton benefits:


natural and hypoallergenic;

good hygroscopicity;


high wear resistance (withstands many cycles of washing).

The disadvantages of matter include:

severely crushed;

shrinks after washing.

The varieties of cotton include calico, chintz, satin, percale, and others.

Unbleached calico has high wear resistance and durability, wrinkle resistance, breathability and gives minimal shrinkage. It is denser and stronger than other matters, therefore it is more suitable for the autumn-winter period. However, the fabric has a non-smooth surface, so it is not suitable for newborns.

The chintz is a smooth, natural, soft fabric that is slightly wrinkled and very inexpensive. The disadvantages of the material include low wear resistance and high shrinkage during washing. The material fades and becomes thinner after several washes.

Satin is a beautiful fabric for baby bedding, it has a smooth surface and is often painted with bright, colorful designs, including 3D and photo effect. Matter withstands many cycles of washing and does not lose its presentable appearance for a long time.

Ranfors – cotton fabric, consisting of several dozen twisted threads. It is a dense and high-strength material with excellent hygienic properties. The advantages of matter can be attributed to the ability to thermoregulate: it warms in winter and gives coolness in summer.

In addition to cotton, kits for children are sewn from flax. It is a natural and hypoallergenic material, but it has high rigidity and is very wrinkled, therefore it is not recommended using it for kids.

The best fabric for baby bedding today is bamboo. This new material based on bamboo fiber has high antimicrobial properties, but it is quite expensive and not available to all customers.

What fabric or material is better for baby bedding is decided by parents based on their age and personal preferences (brightness of the picture, 3D printing).


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